Drupal Commerce Training Special


Drupal Commerce is taking Drupal-based E-Commerce to new heights, and the release of stable and final version is increasing the need for training around the platform.

Commerce Guys, the founder and main sponsor of the Drupal Commerce project, has been giving Drupal-based E-Commerce training since three years, and is pleased to run a special Drupal Commerce training session for the DrupalCommerce Camp attendees!

This training will start with the basics, discussing the core architecture of the Product, Shopping Cart / Order, and Payment systems. We discuss each topic in turn and give time to allow attendees to work through a complete Drupal Commerce site build with our trainers. We introduce most feature in the core modules and provide a basic introduction to Rules to get attendees started with adding discounts, conditional taxes, and automated order workflow rules. We leave time open to discuss site building and contributed module strategy at the close of the day. Attendees do not need prior Drupal e-commerce experience to get the most out of this training, but it will be helpful for you to have an intermediate skill in site building. We will spend time on Drupal 7's new Field UI to the Views UI and through the Rules UI.


If you want to take full advantage of this training, bring your laptop and install the commerce_kickstart installation profile (http://drupal.org/project/commerce_kickstart)

Schedule info

Room 3